Please don’t feed the animals!

The Range Rules state that all wildlife at the shooting range is protected. Primarily this means that they are given the right of way when observed moving in and around the various shooting venues and people should not be shooting near them in an attempt to scare them away. Fines can be levied for feeding wildlife as it is an offense under the Wildlife Act to leave attractants around for wildlife to then become a nuisance. And we know what the final outcome was for a large number of “nuisance bears” in recent years.

Over the last several weeks many of our members and visitors will have had an opportunity  to see the resident fox and his spouse foraging for morsels of food and in some cases being brazen enough to actually enter a vehicle to steal away some special treats. While they do appear friendly and cuddly-looking, they are still wild animals and unpredictable when stressed. They should not be spoiled by people feeding them or encouraging them to become habituated to people food.

Yukon Conservation has placed traps at the gun range to try and capture the foxes with intentions of relocation. If you observe one of the foxes in the trap, please contact YTG Conservation through the TIPP line 1-800-661-0525 and they will send an officer to deal with the situation.

In the meanwhile, any food waste or drink cans or bottles will be required to be placed directly into the covered dumpster located in the main parking area. Only  items like paper targets and ammo boxes can be put into the garbage containers. Better yet, put all your garbage directly into the dumpster.