Range Safety

  • All Members and visitors must sign in the Logbook.
  • Range Safety Officer has absolute authority at all times. Anyone disobeying his or her commands will be asked to leave.
  • Range status lights will be controlled by range safety officer.
  • All shooting will be conducted from a static shooting position.
  • All shooting during an open range night will be done from the 18 M firing line.
  • Eye and hearing protection is required.
  • Consumption of controlled substances (i.e., alcohol, cannabis, or illegal drugs) before or during shooting is prohibited.
  • Firearms brought into the clubhouse and indoor range will be carried in a safe manner following the Canadian Firearms Safety Course standards.
  • Firearms will be removed from the case only at the firing line.
  • Firearms will be loaded on the firing line and only on the Range Safety Officer’s command.
  • Targets and stands will remain behind the wooden curb.

General Conduct

  • Members borrowing club-owned restricted firearms must be documented in the Record of Participation.
  • Shooters must declare inexperience to Range Officer in order to arrange supervision.
  • Holstered handguns permitted only during pre-approved special events.
  • No food or drink permitted in the indoor range.
  • Keep conversation to a minimum while others are shooting.
  • Youth shooters (18 years of age and younger) must be supervised by parent or guardian.
  • Deposit waste brass in collection buckets, used targets and other waste items in the garbage cans
  • Time on the firing line will be limited when there are a large number of participants.
  • Centre fire shooting permitted after rim fire shooting concludes, or at the discretion of the RSO on duty.
  • Members with “Handgun Proficiency Status” may shoot centre fire handguns in prescribed calibres.
  • Firing line is flexible based on approved course of fire for a specified event. (eg. 10 M for air rifle)

Ammunition & Targets

  • Maximum loaded magazine capacity 5 rounds. No rapid fire.
  • Jacketed bullets or frangible ammunition permitted.
  • No magnum loads.
  • Club guns will use designated club ammunition.
  • Brass catchers will be used when firing semi-automatic firearms.
  • Non-reactive (paper) targets only. No hard surface (metal) or reactive targets or bowling pins.
  • Paper targets to be centered on the target board.

Permitted Firearms

  • Airguns – pistol and rifle
  • Rimfire – pistol and rifle
  • Centre fire – pistol only, with Handgun Proficiency Status