Range Safety

  1. Range Safety Officers have absolute authority at all times. Anyone disobeying his or her commands will be asked to leave.
  2. Eye and hearing protection is required.
  3. Range status – Active or Cease Fire – will be indicated by RED/GREEN lights above the access door.
  4. Firearms brought into the clubhouse and indoor range will be cased and carried in a safe manner following the Canadian Firearms Safety Course standards.
  5. Firearms to be removed from the case only when at the firing line.
  6. Firearms will be loaded when on the firing line and only on the Range Safety Officer’s command.
  7. Handling or dry firing of firearms is permitted only at the firing line.
  8. Use of controlled substances (alcohol or drugs) while on club property is prohibited. Anyone appearing to be under the influence of controlled substances will not be permitted to shoot and will be required to leave.

General Conduct

  1. All Members and visitors must sign in the Log Book.
  2. No food or drink permitted in the indoor range area.
  3. Time on the firing line will be limited when there are a large number of participants.
  4. Deposit waste brass in collection buckets, used targets and other waste items in the garbage cans
  5. Youth shooters (18 years of age and younger) must be supervised by parent or guardian.
  6. Keep conversation to a minimum while others are shooting.
  7. Holstered handguns permitted only during pre-approved special events.
  8. Infection control practices require you to stay home if you are sick, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands frequently, don’t crowd the firing line and respect the decision of others to wear or not wear a mask when in proximity to others.

Ammunition & Targets

  1. Maximum loaded magazine capacity 5 rounds.
  2. Club guns will use designated club ammunition.
  3. Brass catchers will be used when firing semi-automatic firearms.
  4. Non-reactive (paper) targets only. No hard surface (metal) or reactive targets or bowling pins.
  5. Purchase of club ammunition requires presentation of valid PAL.

Permitted firearms in the indoor range

Air guns – rifle and pistol – .177 caliber lead pellets

Rim fire – rifle and pistol – .22 LR caliber lead bullets