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FALL Clean up

There will be a cease fire on the outdoor range Sunday October 30, 2022 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. for the fall range clean up.

Club members who are able to spend a little time to tidy up the outdoor range before Mother Nature begins to launch the winter attack should dress for the weather, wear appropriate footwear and work gloves.

The focus will be on collecting garbage, paper targets that have blown into the bush, and removing back boards that are too perforated to hold a target. Any metal targets that will require repair or replacement need to be brought in from the target rails and down-range areas. Firing lines and down range areas need to be clear of obstructions and debris so that snow removal equipment can do their job.

You will be required to sign in upon arrival.

While the COVID-19 protocols are no longer in force, please don’t come if you are sick,

Brush Clearing

The range will be in a cease fire status next week Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday August 2, 3 & 4, 2022 while a crew and their equipment are clearing brush on all of the outdoor range areas.

They will be mowing the trap range, handgun ranges, PPC range and the rifle ranges from the firing line to the 500 M target rail.

If all goes well and it doesn’t rain, they may finish sooner than the expected three days.

Shooting will be permitted when the crew is finished for the day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Acceptance of new memberships on pause

Effective June 23, 2022 acceptance of new members will be paused until further notice.

New memberships will not be accepted at this time as we have reached our capacity to respond to the requirement for a range familiarization (orientation) before a member uses the range.

Not being able to acquire membership right now may be disappointing, however; it is essential that the volunteer-run organization is able to meet both member expectations and range safety obligations.

Range Clean-Up

Saturday June 4th, 2022 is the first Range Clean up Day of the season. There will be a Cease Fire on the entire range from 09:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Tasks for this day will focus on the usual pick up of debris left from the winter so all those spent cartridges you left behind last winter and the paper targets that blew into the bush will be there for you to collect.

Some targets will require painting before returning them to the rails.

Bring your work gloves and wear sturdy footwear and don’t forget the bug dope.

A sign in sheet will be at the clubhouse.

Come on out and help clean up the range.