The Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st when all memberships expire.  A member in good standing is one who is current in their membership dues although there is a grace period of one month if the membership is renewed by April 30th.  As a “Members Only” club it is not available to the public  except as scheduled. Day passes and partial year memberships are not supported. Members may bring a guest, however after three visits the guest is encouraged to obtain their own membership.

The club is operated by volunteers which includes members of the Executive, Board of Directors, Range Safety Officers and Match Leaders.

Membership fees, which have not increased in many years, and  user fees, pay for the general operation of the club. Expenditures include utilities, taxes, range improvements, maintenance, and property and liability insurance.

You can become a member by completing the registration form and paying your dues. Once your payment has been  processed you will receive your membership card and club information by mail. 

New and returning members are required to participate in an orientation tour of the range in order to learn and understand the Range Safety Rules and become familiar with the types of firearms and ammunition that can be used on the various range areas. The number of participants will be limited to permit the Range Officer to effectively provide the required instruction to members. Scheduling of range orientation is based on the availability of the assigned range officer.