Canadian Firearms Safety Course

The Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club offers the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) for both non-restricted and restricted classifications of firearms licensing.  The certified CFSC Instructors, who are also WRPC members, conduct the courses at the clubhouse on Grey Mountain Road. The non-restricted PAL sessions are scheduled approximately once per month dependent upon instructor availability and the restricted CRFSC is scheduled when there is reasonable interest. Disabled firearms are used to demonstrate safe handling and use of various types of  firearms. There are no live fire activities associated with these sessions. You must complete the required instructional hours and pass both the written and practical tests before you can apply for your Canadian Possession Acquisition License.

The cost of the CFSC or CRFSC course is $125.00 including GST payable in cash, money order or personal cheque.

Topics covered in the CFSC include:

  • the evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions;
  • basic firearms safety practices;
  • ammunition;
  • operating firearm actions;
  • safe handling and carry procedures;
  • firing techniques and procedures;
  • care of  firearms;
  • responsibilities of the firearms owner/user; and
  • safe storage, display, transportation and handling of firearms.

Download a copy of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Manual from the Government of Canada Publications website . The newest version (2014) contains both the non-restricted and restricted modules.

Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club follows established infection control practices while in a classroom setting and when handling the disabled firearms. This means practicing frequent hand cleaning, respecting other participants personal space and not participating if you are sick.