Range Rules

Safety on the gun range is paramount and all  users are expected to follow all range safety rules while using the facility.


  • The RANGE OFFICER has absolute authority at all times. Anyone disobeying his or her commands will be asked to leave.
  • A “Cease Fire!” may be called by anyone who identifies an unsafe or dangerous situation happening on the firing line.
  • The RED FLAG at each active range location will be raised prior to any shooting, indicating that the range is active and that shooting is allowed.
  • The GREEN FLAG at each active range location will be raised prior to moving down range, indicating that the specific range area is safe and NO shooting is permitted.
  • The FLASHING LIGHTS at the 100 metre to 500 metre rifle range will be activated prior to moving down range, indicating that the range is safe and NO shooting is permitted.
  • Hearing and eye protection are required.
  • No handling of firearms or dry-firing of firearms permitted behind the firing line or when people are down range.
  • No firearm will be loaded until on the firing line and only on the Range Officer’s command.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs before or during shooting is not permitted.


  • New members are required to participate in a range orientation.
  • Use only club approved targets. No cans, bottles, plastic jugs or other waste debris.
  • Binary explosive targets are not permitted.
  • Clean up your targets and fired brass. Brass collection buckets are available.
  • Keep conversation to a minimum while others are shooting.
  • All wildlife is protected on the range.
  • When the TRAP RANGE is active, centre fire rifles are not permitted on the centre fire range as the sound can activate the automatic trap throwers.
  • No firing center fire rifles or handguns at the .22 caliber rails and targets. There are heavy steel clangers established for high power firearms.
  • Put your garbage in the garbage cans or the dumpster. Help keep your range site clean.
  • Holstered handguns are permitted only on the Handgun Ranges and will be loaded only when on the firing line.
  • Report any concerns to the Range Officer on duty or to one of the Executive as soon as possible. Provide as much detail as you can regarding date, time and persons involved.