Approved Targets at the Gun Range

Determining what constitutes an “approved target” is the responsibility of the Gun Club and is based on several criteria relating to licensing of the range, ballistics, shooter safety and environmental impact. Currently, clay targets, paper and steel are considered approved targets for use on the trap, rifle and handgun ranges. Only paper targets may be used in the Indoor Range.

The gun club has been informed that a binary explosive product, often marketed as Tannerite®, is apparently readily available to the general public and will now be available for purchase in Canada. This product is stable during transportation and only becomes an explosive when the two components are mixed together. It is often used for developing exploding targets as it requires the impact of a bullet to initiate the explosion.

Risks associated with the use of these binary explosives include personal injury, damage to property and in our environment there is a  potential for starting a grass and/or forest fire. For these reasons, using binary exploding type targets at the Whitehorse Rifle and Pistol Club Shooting Range is prohibited. The Range Rules will be updated to reflect this decision.