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WRPC and member news.

Reminder to renew 2024 membership dues

March 31, 2024 is the end of the current membership year and all memberships expire. On that date the gate locks will be changed.

Club members, in possession of a 2023 gate key, will receive a 2024 gate key with their membership renewal. If you plan to access the range in early April, then your membership should be renewed soon.

Membership fees have increased a small amount to keep pace with the increasing operational expenses of the club.

Make sure that you are completing the new membership form with your renewal. Membership year April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

Membership Fees to Increase in 2024

At the AGM February 5th, 2023 those members present supported an increase in annual membership fees starting in the 2024 membership year.

Members in good standing for the current membership year April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024 will receive information by mail in the next couple of weeks.

The new membership fees will begin January 1, 2024 and apply to each of the existing membership classifications of primary, dual, family and youth. Payment options of personal cheque, credit card or bank transfer will remain in place and the GST will be included in the fee.

A revised member form will be available on the website in January 2024.

Registered Trap Shoot 2023

Trap is back!

Be prepared to shoot up to 300 birds each day. Shoot some of it or all of it. Singles, Doubles and Handicap.

Trap shooters of all skill levels are invited to come out and enjoy yourself  Saturday & Sunday June 17 & 18, 2023. Registration fees: $35 per event or $210 (CDN) to shoot all events.

As a registered trap shoot participants must have a current PITA (Pacific International Trap Association) membership – available for purchase at the event.

Shooting starts at 10:00 AM. BBQ Saturday.

Rifle range closed to centre fire activity while Trap Range is active.

Spring Range Clean up Day

Saturday May 27th, 2023 is Range Clean up Day. There will be a Cease Fire on the entire range from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

All those spent cartridges you left behind last winter will be there for you to collect. Those paper targets that blew away will be lying in the bush for you to retrieve and place into the dumpster, and those target boards that you peppered with holes need to be picked up off the range areas.

Bring your work gloves and wear sturdy footwear and dress for the weather – sun, wind, mosquitoes, rain – whatever.

Come on out and help clean up the range.  Even an hour of your time will be appreciated.