Constitution & Bylaws Revision

A Special General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 23, 2014 at 7 pm in the clubhouse with the purpose of passing a Special Resolution that will replace the existing 1993 Constitution and Bylaws with the revised 2014 version.

Whereas a motion was made and adopted by those accredited members present at the Annual General Meeting held January 13, 2013 which directed that the existing Constitution and Bylaws (1993) be reviewed and revised, the following resolution is hereby made:

Replace the existing Constitution and Bylaws of the Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club dated March 11, 1993 in its entirety with the revised version dated September 20, 2014

Revisions include an extended time period for scheduling the Annual General Meeting, more detail on roles and responsibilities of club leadership, identification of a Board of Directors, clarification of procedures governing meetings, and addition of guidance policies.

The DRAFT 2014 Constitution and Bylaws is available electronically for your review. Click here WRPC CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS 2014v2 sept 20