Indoor Range Opens

Beginning November 3rd, 2014 the Indoor Range will be open on Monday and Wednesday evenings beginning at 7 pm during the fall and winter season with the final evening being Monday March 30th, 2015. Two Range Safety Officers will be on duty to assist club members and visitors with understanding and following the range rules, and purchasing targets and ammunition.

Remember to carry your  non-restricted firearm into and through the clubhouse to the firing line with the muzzle pointing UP. This is the only safe direction in this situation.

The Indoor range will not be available when the temperature is minus 30 Celsius or colder.

The Indoor Range  will be closed on Christmas Eve (December 24th) and New Year’s Eve (December 31st).

Rimfire (.22 cal) shooting is scheduled to begin at 7 pm. Only club members with Handgun Proficiency Status may shoot Centre fire handguns once rim fire shooters are finished.