Busy Spring Calendar

Anyone who has checked out the WRPC calendar for the coming months will probably be wondering how they can find a time slot for their own range time. Yes there are a number of days where the PPC range is occupied by the enforcement groups like Parks Canada, Brinks, RCMP, Conservation and so on. These groups require range time in order to train and  maintain their firearms proficiency status for employment purposes. Seeing the name of a particular user group on a specific day does not mean they have exclusive use of the range. As a member, you can  use the range during the same time period as the user groups, but will just have to use a different shooting venue. On the web calendar page, click on the event and a small window opens to tell you when and where the event is happening and any additional details that may be required.

There are regularly scheduled events as well as some fun activities throughout the spring and summer evenings and weekends. Weekday evenings from  7 pm to 9 pm: Trap on Tuesday, Rifle Silhouette Wednesday, Handgun Silhouette alternate Tuesdays, Public Access Thursday. Monday evening will see a rotating schedule of Long Range Rifle Shoots and of course the SKS Shoot, a Black Powder night and Three Gun Tactical events will be scattered throughout the season.

Hope to see some new shooters as well as the regulars come out to enjoy the fun.