Respect the Wildlife

This is a reminder regarding wildlife on the range.

Bears have been observed at the range over the past few weeks and while they do appear friendly and cuddly-looking, they are still wild animals and unpredictable when stressed. Sightings of wild animals can also include fox, deer, caribou and bobcat.

The Range Rules state that all wildlife at the shooting range is protected. Primarily, this means that they are given the right of way when observed moving in and around the various shooting venues and people should not be shooting near them in an attempt to scare them away. Call a cease fire and wait for them to move away before you resume your shooting activity.

Fines can be levied for feeding wildlife as it is an offense under the Wildlife Act to leave attractants around for wildlife to then become a nuisance. This means that if you bring your lunch or snacks when using the range that any food that you do not eat will be either taken home with you or put into the covered dumpster in the main parking area.

Respect the animals. Do not entice them with people food.