Proposed Change to Membership Year

At the AGM in February 2017, a motion was put forward to change the membership year from the current cycle to  April 1st to March 31st.

As you are aware the membership year for the WRPC is currently January 1st to December 31st which also coincides with the club’s fiscal year. The administrative time required to process the rising volume of renewing memberships and also reconcile and prepare the financial statements at year end is becoming a challenge. The requirement to track any pro-rated membership fees adds to the work load. These were some of the reasons behind the suggestion to change the membership year cycle.

The Board of Directors is currently reviewing this recommendation to assess impact and develop revisions to the by-laws. Once approved, there will be a requirement to vote on a Special Resolution to amend the bylaws in favour of this proposed change to the membership year. The Registrar of Societies will need to approve the changes before they become effective. Members will be kept informed as to the progress of this activity.