Silhouette Rifle Matches on Wednesdays

Small bore rifle silhouette requires the shooter to knock the metallic silhouettes off the rails at 40, 60, 77 and 100 yards using a .22 cal rifle. In a series of relays, the 40 animal shapes -chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams – are shot off the rails, one at a time from left to right, from a freestanding position, within a prescribed period of time.  With center fire silhouette matches, the shooter must knock the metallic animals off the rails at 200, 300, 385 and 500 yards, also from a free standing position and within a prescribed time frame.

Rim fire silhouette matches happen every Wednesday evening from now until September. Center fire silhouette matches will be determined by the Section Head and interested participants. Come and check it out.

The Yukon Rifle Silhouette Championships will be held over the weekend of  June 15th & 16th, so get out and practice!

3 Gun Shoot

The first Fun Shoot of the season is scheduled for Wednesday May 15th. Reactive targets, timed events.

  • 60 rounds for your handgun – rimfire or centre fire
  • 40 rounds for semi automatic rifle – centre fire or rim fire
  • 10 slugs and 10 bird shot or buck shot for your shotgun

Contact 633-6094 after 6 pm if you need more information

Falling Plates Range and PPC Range.

3 Gun Shoot schedule: June 19, July 10 and September 11th



Newsletter and Schedules

2103 WRPC Spring Newsletter

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2013 WRPC Regular Events RANGE SCHEDULE apr_sep

2013 WRPC Fun Shoots RANGE SCHEDULE apr_sep

Please note that the web calendar should be referenced for updates to the schedule.

There is considerable traffic at the range over the next 2-3 weeks with several of the enforcement agencies trying to get all of their training and qualification practices accomplished. These User Groups reserve the range venues during their regular working hours. Members may access the range in the early morning or later in the afternoon and evening on those busy days. Your understanding is appreciated.

As in past years, the entire range is closed while the Junior Canadian Rangers are on site during the last week of June and anytime organized youth groups are present. Members are welcome to use the range after 5 PM on those days.

Once the range dries up a little more, a clean up day will be announced. All you need for that is some work gloves and some old clothes and an hour or so of your time.

Spring Swap Meet

Sunday May 12, 2013.  At the  Gun Club. Set up at 10 am. wrap up at 3 pm.

Bring your stuff, buy the other guy’s stuff.  All firearms regulations will apply – safe handling, transportation, documentation and purchase procedures.

Coffee pot will be on – have a chat with other members that you haven’t seen all winter, compare notes about those new loads you are using.

Pick up some flowers on the way home – after all it is Mother’s Day.



Youth Airgun Competition

Tuesday evening March 26, 2013 eleven youth came out to participate in the end of season airgun competition. These young gentlemen have demonstrated good sportsmanship, enthusiasm  and perseverance throughout the winter indoor season. Their shooting skills have improved as they learned to master the  techniques necessary to hoist a 10 lb. air rifle to their shoulder and hold it steady enough to send the lead pellet down range to the target and consistently hit a bull only  1.5″  in diameter.

Check out the scores > Youth airgun stats march 26 2013

Prizes awarded:

Cooey Ranger .22cal (donated by Geoff Fletcher)

Stoeger Airgun  Targets and Pellet Traps

Princeton LED Headlamps

Many thanks to the parents who supported their kids achievements during this program and to the instructors, Dave, Nich and Dave for their dedication and guidance.