SKS SHOOT Monday June 3rd

The SKS shoot is a fun family event that requires no skill. Events such as the Balloon Bust, Water Jug Race and SKS golf are more about luck and sending lead down range. Don’t worry if you don’t own an SKS rifle, just come see the fun and we can loan you one or share during the event. Just bring 7.62X39 rounds or we can sell you some at the event. Open to all ages and skills. Come see what the fun is all about.
Contact Mike @ 335-1776 for more info.

Future SKS events: Monday July 15, August 26

Wind up SKS Shoot Sunday Sept 15th with a BBQ to follow.

** Please note a typo on the Fun Shoots Schedule that shows the first SKS Shoot on June 30th – that should read June 3rd. The web calendar is correct.