CFSC Inventory Needs Refurbishing

The Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club has been involved with delivering the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) since the creation of the program. The disabled non-restricted shotguns and rifles that are used in this course were well used at the time they were acquired, but the actions still functioned. Now, after 20 plus years of handling and working those actions, these firearms have really passed their “best before date”. Course participants are met with frustration when trying to learn how to safely use a firearm, when it does not cycle the ammunition as it should.

The club would like to refurbish the inventory of disabled non-restricted firearms.  At the most we will require two of each of the following action types: Break or Hinge Action, Bolt Action, Pump Action (shotgun preferred), Lever Action, Semi-automatic (22 LR preferred). The club will assume the costs associated with disabling the firearms according to the standards of the program.

If you have a  firearm that you are willing to contribute please submit your contact information and type of firearm through the “Contact Us” tab to