1 CRPG Range Use

Whitehorse will be hosting the Junior Canadian Rangers in their summer enhanced training exercise. These youth come from across northern Canada to experience a variety of outdoor and skill  building activities. Included in the schedule for these 300 or so youth is a day of live fire rifle shooting at the WRPC range.

For seven days starting Thursday June 16, 2016 at 8 am through to the end of the day on Wednesday June 22, 2016, the Whitehorse Rifle and Pistol Club will be closed to general access by members and user groups while these youth are on the gun range.  Members are welcome to access the range  after 4 pm for the regular schedule of activities.

During the same time frame the adult Canadian Rangers will be using the PPC Range every evening from 6 pm to 9 pm for selection of team members to participate in the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Competition.  The regular Trap and Silhouette matches will continue as usual. The Bench Rest Rifle range, the falling plates and silhouette handgun ranges continue to be available for use by members in the evening.

For information about 1CRPG check their website