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Firing Line Etiquette

Range time is important for all members of the Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club. There is one member who is testing some new loads for his hunting rifle. There are a couple of friends who have been on the bench rest area for some target practice for an hour or more. Most of the benches are currently occupied. You arrive and while the range area is active take your firearm to a bench and get ready to shoot. You wait patiently for a few minutes watching the other shooters to gauge when they might take a little break so that you can go and set up a target. They seem to be pretty intent on their shooting and don’t seem to even notice your arrival. How long do you wait for a cease-fire?

Do you have good manners on the firing line? Are you aware that other shooters have arrived and would like an opportunity to set up a target? If you have been shooting for a while and all the benches are occupied, do you offer your space to the member who just arrived?

Introduce yourself. Welcome the new member. Share the firing line.


Lock Change January 29, 2017

This is notice that the gate locks to the range will be changed after the Swap Meet on Sunday January 29, 2017.

Members in good standing (i.e. proof that 2017 membership dues are paid) can receive their 2017 gate key upon return of the 2016 key.

Membership renewals will be accepted at this time as well, with cash or personal cheque.

Swap Meet

Club members are welcome to come and check out the clubhouse on Sunday January 29, 2017 from 10 am to 3 pm. Coffee pot will be on. Swap your stuff for the other guy’s stuff.

Remember that all regulations regarding the transportation and the sale of firearms and ammunition will apply.

Tables available for members only. Limit is 2 tables.  Be prepared to help set up tables.

Ammo Restrictions for Indoor Range

There has been evidence of members using incorrect ammunition while shooting their centre fire handgun in the Indoor Range. Using the wrong ammunition will damage the target holders and backstop and poses an injury risk because of splashback.

This is a reminder that the Indoor Range is approved for centre fire handguns that meet the following criteria:

  • Target loads (non magnum loads)
  • LEAD bullets only.
  • No jacketed or semi-jacketed bullets.

Only  paper targets are permitted.


Busy Weekend Ahead

The TRAP range and the RIFLE range will both be busy this weekend with two scheduled events – a Registered Trap Shoot and the Yukon Rifle Silhouette Championships.  Refer to previous posts for event details.

In order to maintain a safe and controlled firing line the Bench Rest Rifle area will be unavailable during the day while these two events are happening.

Members wishing to use the bench rest rifle range area are welcome AFTER 4:30 pm when the trap and silhouette activities should be completed for the day.