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SKS SHOOT Monday June 3rd

The SKS shoot is a fun family event that requires no skill. Events such as the Balloon Bust, Water Jug Race and SKS golf are more about luck and sending lead down range. Don’t worry if you don’t own an SKS rifle, just come see the fun and we can loan you one or share during the event. Just bring 7.62X39 rounds or we can sell you some at the event. Open to all ages and skills. Come see what the fun is all about.
Contact Mike @ 335-1776 for more info.

Future SKS events: Monday July 15, August 26

Wind up SKS Shoot Sunday Sept 15th with a BBQ to follow.

** Please note a typo on the Fun Shoots Schedule that shows the first SKS Shoot on June 30th – that should read June 3rd. The web calendar is correct.

Clean up Day – no shooting please

Can you spare a little bit of time to clean up the gun range? Dress for dirty work! Don’t forget to wear shoes suitable for working in the rough areas of the range. Bring your work gloves and bug repellant and maybe the sunscreen, too.

Sunday June 2, 2013  10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Cease fire on the entire range during this time.

Jobs to be accomplished: pick up of paper and other debris from around the site,  empty garbage barrels, wash windows, rake gravel away from the building foundation, pick up discarded brass, clear brush around the target areas, paint, repair targets, fix the outhouses, and small jobs.

There are woodworking projects that need to be accomplished. If you have the time and the skill to build or repair, come and find out what needs to be done to improve your club facilities.


Newsletter and Schedules

2103 WRPC Spring Newsletter

2013 WRPC User Group RANGE SCHEDULE apr_sep

2013 WRPC Regular Events RANGE SCHEDULE apr_sep

2013 WRPC Fun Shoots RANGE SCHEDULE apr_sep

Please note that the web calendar should be referenced for updates to the schedule.

There is considerable traffic at the range over the next 2-3 weeks with several of the enforcement agencies trying to get all of their training and qualification practices accomplished. These User Groups reserve the range venues during their regular working hours. Members may access the range in the early morning or later in the afternoon and evening on those busy days. Your understanding is appreciated.

As in past years, the entire range is closed while the Junior Canadian Rangers are on site during the last week of June and anytime organized youth groups are present. Members are welcome to use the range after 5 PM on those days.

Once the range dries up a little more, a clean up day will be announced. All you need for that is some work gloves and some old clothes and an hour or so of your time.

Spring Swap Meet

Sunday May 12, 2013.  At the  Gun Club. Set up at 10 am. wrap up at 3 pm.

Bring your stuff, buy the other guy’s stuff.  All firearms regulations will apply – safe handling, transportation, documentation and purchase procedures.

Coffee pot will be on – have a chat with other members that you haven’t seen all winter, compare notes about those new loads you are using.

Pick up some flowers on the way home – after all it is Mother’s Day.