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Shooting Basics – for members only

Get back to the basics. Shotgun, rifle and handgun. Fundamentals of shooting can be improved by participating in the core shooting disciplines of Trap, Metallic Silhouette, Bench Rest and PPC.

Participating in the regular shooting matches that are scheduled throughout the season is beneficial to you as an active member and to the purpose of the club. Shooting is a social activity. Learn the rules of each match event.            Shooting Basics

Sunday May 14th, 2017 from 11 am to 3 pm the ranges will be reserved for club members to participate in a shooting match , or two, or more, of their choice. Whether you are knocking clays out of the air, metal silhouettes off the rails or punching holes in paper, you will be challenged to improve yourself. Bring your gear.






Lever Action/Cast Bullet Match

First shooting match of the season is Sunday April 30th. Monthly cast bullet/lever action matches are scheduled May through September. Check the web calendar for specific dates.

Registration 11:30 am. Entry fee $2.00.

Lever Action with Iron Sights – 30 shots for score. Targets at 100 to 200 yards, shot off-hand and over a rest.

Cast Bullet with Iron sights – 30 shots for score. Silhouette & Bullseye targets at 150 & 200 yards.  Must use a single- shot or lever action rifle.

5 point bonus on aggregate score for black powder cartridge shooters.


Indoor Shooting Season

The Indoor Range will be open on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 pm  to 9 pm beginning November 7, 2016  and ending on the final evening  Wednesday  March 29th, 2017. The Indoor range will not be available when the temperature is minus 30 Celsius or colder.

The Indoor Range  will be closed on Monday December 26, 2016.

Two Range Safety Officers will be on duty to assist club members and visitors with understanding and following the range rules. Targets and ammunition are available for purchase. Members and visitors are required to sign-in when using the indoor range. Food or drink is not permitted in the indoor range area. Please enjoy your beverage in the main clubhouse.

Rimfire (.22 cal) shooting is scheduled to begin at 7 pm. Only club members with Handgun Proficiency Status may shoot Centre fire handguns once the rim fire shooters are finished.

All firearms brought into the clubhouse should be carried in a safe manner following the principles of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Once at the firing line, your firearm may be removed from the case. Handling firearms behind the firing line is not permitted. Always check with the Range Safety Officer for assistance.

Thursday September 22 – Last Public Access Night for Outdoor Range Season

Many thanks to all the Range Safety Officers who have volunteered their time to ensure a safe shooting environment during the public access evenings this summer.

There are two Thursday evenings remaining in September for the public to access the outdoor range with the final evening being Thursday September 22nd, 2016. Two Range Safety Officers are on duty to ensure compliance with range rules.

While the range is generally open between 7 pm and 9 pm on Thursday evening be prepared for an earlier closure  as the  available daylight disappears quickly at this time of the year.

Public Access to the outdoor range will start again in May 2017.


Long Range Bench Rest – 300 Meters

Monday evening  7 pm  to 9 pm at the Bench Rest Rifle area.

Bring a stable rest for your rifle, a few rounds for sighting in and your spotting scope if you have one.  You will require 5 rounds per target.

Targets at 300 meters  scored on group size.

Shoot one target, or two and maybe three if there is time and interest.