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WRPC and member news.

Membership Dues for 2020

The new membership year for Whitehorse Rifle & Pistol Club begins April 1, 2020. Membership renewals are now being accepted. Membership form can be downloaded in either a fillable format or PDF.

The membership form for 2020 has been revised to ensure compliance with the regulations for shooting clubs and ranges and therefore requires inclusion of the member’s birthdate, and PAL number with expiry date. Membership processing may be delayed if required information is missing.

Payment options: by mail include personal cheque, or credit card; by email to with credit card details, or; in person by cash, cheque or credit/debit card at the clubhouse during the scheduled membership renewal times. Dates and times in February and March for renewal dates to be posted soon.

Locks on the gates will be changed on Monday March 30, 2020 at the conclusion of the final night of the indoor range season. New year gate keys will be issued to those members currently in possession of a 2019 key upon renewal of their membership for 2020 and the return of the 2019 key.

The Annual General Meeting will be scheduled for March. Date not yet set as we await the financial review by a professional accountant.


Saturday December 7th, 2019 from 11 am to 3 pm at the clubhouse on Grey Mountain Road.

It’s all about recycling. Is it time to exchange some of your stuff, like firearms accessories, re-loading supplies or firearms, for the other guy’s stuff? Here is your opportunity.

Remember that all regulations regarding the transportation, display and the sale of firearms and ammunition  apply.

Coffee pot will be on. Be prepared to help set up and clean up.

Range Status Flag

When you enter the range property look slightly to your right to check that the range status flag is flying the RED flag on top. This means that the entire range is LIVE and that shooting may happen on the various range venues. Please do not change this flag when leaving the range. The status sign at the front gate should read “CLOSED” if you are the last one out, and therefore responsible for locking the gate.

The RED/GREEN painted wooden warning flags at each outdoor shooting venue (Trap, Rifle and Handgun Ranges) control the firing line at each area. These warning flags are to be used when designating that shooting area to be under a CEASE FIRE or LIVE FIRE condition.