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WRPC and member news.

Youth Airgun Competition

Tuesday evening March 26, 2013 eleven youth came out to participate in the end of season airgun competition. These young gentlemen have demonstrated good sportsmanship, enthusiasm  and perseverance throughout the winter indoor season. Their shooting skills have improved as they learned to master the  techniques necessary to hoist a 10 lb. air rifle to their shoulder and hold it steady enough to send the lead pellet down range to the target and consistently hit a bull only  1.5″  in diameter.

Check out the scores > Youth airgun stats march 26 2013

Prizes awarded:

Cooey Ranger .22cal (donated by Geoff Fletcher)

Stoeger Airgun  Targets and Pellet Traps

Princeton LED Headlamps

Many thanks to the parents who supported their kids achievements during this program and to the instructors, Dave, Nich and Dave for their dedication and guidance.






Snow Clearing March 25th – No Shooting please.

No shooting will be permitted at the range on Monday March 25th.

During the day, equipment will be on site to clear away snow  in order to provide improved access to the various roadways and shooting venues as our winter snowload begins to recede.

All members are welcome to use the range once the equipment has left the property.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Silent Auction Update

The Whitehorse Rifle and Pistol Club received 6 non-restricted firearms from the estate of a former club member. All items were auctioned during the  Collectibles Show on Saturday February 23, 2013.

The bidding process raised over $1500.00 for the club and the proceeds will be used to support youth participation in the shooting sports. Many thanks to those individuals who participated in the silent auction process and congratulations to the successful bidders.Your support is greatly appreciated.

Items that were auctioned:

Lakefield Mark II .22 RF Bolt action c/w Bushnell 4 X scope

Weatherby Mk V .300 WBY Bolt action c/w Redfield 2-7 X scope

Savage Model 99 .243 WIN Lever action c/w Bushnell 4 X scope

Lee Enfield #4 Mk I .303 Bolt action

Schmidt Rubin 1889  7.5 x 53.5 Bolt action

Vetterli Model 1870 Police Carbine  10.4 x 38 RF

Assigned Gate Keys mailed to paid up Members

Paid up, key holding members who did not collect their 2013 membership card and gate key by February 20th should check their mail box as they were mailed out February 28th.

Please remember to hand in your old 2012 key  as all the keys get recycled for use in the future. You can drop it off with the Range Officer at the Clubhouse or at the SportsLodge.

Once renewal fees are received, members with assigned gate keys will receive their 2013 membership card and gate key in the mail.