Range Status Flag

When you enter the range property look slightly to your right to check that the range status flag is flying the RED flag on top. This means that the entire range is LIVE and that shooting may happen on the various range venues. Please do not change this flag when leaving the range. The status sign at the front gate should read “CLOSED” if you are the last one out, and therefore responsible for locking the gate.

The RED/GREEN painted wooden warning flags at each outdoor shooting venue (Trap, Rifle and Handgun Ranges) control the firing line at each area. These warning flags are to be used when designating that shooting area to be under a CEASE FIRE or LIVE FIRE condition.

Cease Fire for Wildlife

This is the annual reminder that all wildlife, whether it is bears, deer, foxes, bobcat, moose, cariboo or other four-legged creatures , are given the right of way when they are moving in and around the various areas of the range. There have been several bear sightings in the past few weeks.

Do not attempt to scare them away by shooting near them. Call a cease fire and wait for them to move away before you resume your shooting activities.

Range Clean Up Day

Saturday April 27th is Range Clean up Day. There will be a Cease Fire on the entire range from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The snow is gone and now the ugly bits that accumulated over the winter have surfaced, ready for picking. Picking up, that is.

All those spent cartridges you left behind will be there for you to collect. Those paper targets that blew away will be lying in the bush for you to retrieve and place into the dumpster. Bring your work gloves and wear sturdy footwear.

Come on out and help clean up the range. 

Membership Renewal

On Saturday April 13 th from 11:00 PM to 2:00 PM you can drop in to the clubhouse to renew your membership for 2019. Payment options include credit, debit, cash or personal cheque.

Membership Form for 2019 http://wrpc.ca/membership/

If you have a gate key issued in 2018, it will no longer unlock the gate. Bring in your 2018 key and receive your 2019 gate key.

Spring swap meet

Clean off the re-loading bench and dust off that rifle scope that you no longer need. Its time to swap your cool stuff for the other guy’s stuff.

Saturday April 13, 2019 from 10 am to 3 pm at the clubhouse on Grey Mountain Road.

Coffee pot will be on. Be prepared to help set up and clean up.

Remember that all regulations regarding the transportation, display and the sale of firearms and ammunition  apply.